Club Positions

All volunteers at HOTWCSD share a desire and commitment to promote and serve the club within the Austin dance community, greeting and assisting members and visitors, weekly classes, special workshops and other events sponsored or promoted by the club.

Officers (elected)

  • Neil Powell
    Leads monthly board meetings and weekly club meetings, making sure all other positions are filled by capable officers, and delegating responsibility for other assignments as needed.
  • Vacant
    Vice President
    Is qualified to assume all responsibilities of the President in the absence of the President.
  • Neil Powell (temporary)
    Recording Secretary
    Be responsible for maintaining a copy of all minutes which includes the number of members in attendance, and the records and correspondence pertaining to club business other than those maintained by the Membership Secretary.
  • Neil Powell
    Membership Secretary
    Be responsible for maintaining an up-to-date record of all members contact information as well as membership numbers as applicable.
  • Nancy Ramsey
    Tracks and reports to the board on club finances, collects and deposits cash and checks from member dues or other sources, and makes timely payments for rent, reimbursement of expenses, or other club obligations.

Appointed Positions

  • Ken Ramsey
    Publicity Coordinator / Instructor
    • Works on consolidating and improving our publicity efforts, such as website announcements, fliers, MailChimp, Facebook, etc.
  • Vacant
    Dance Director
    Qualifies/assigns instructors and establishes the curriculum and schedule for all classes and workshops.
  • Mac McAnally
    Responsible for teaching the beginning and intermediate dance classes.
  • Ken Ramsey
    Resident DJ
    Responsible for providing social dance music.